Miths About Links Building and Relationships

4 Biggest Miths About Links Building

Miths about link building

Good content is worth linking.

Link building is a comprehensive task that requires many specific practical skills.

Today it’s all about getting results and getting high-quality links through a fully integrated marketing strategy. In fact, ranking your website without links is a chore.

Links are why Google ranks # 1. Their importance in the overall dynamic of Search Engine Optimization is evident from the fact that backlinks are Google’s Reputation Management Tool

This is not an easy way.

Not only that, it is constantly evolving: as practitioners invent new and more effective ways to connect because common strategies are outdated.

One of a major factor in how Google ranks web pages are Link building process. When you exchange links with other sites, you can boost your own site’s backlinks and quality backlinks.

Benefits for your business using link building strategy.

Here are just a few of them:

  1. Don’t bother creating links

As your content is engaging, interesting and clear, it will be posted and will generate links

But why do most of the content get no links?

not only small and medium sized websites struggle to get links.

Even popular blogs with a moderate readership have trouble making organic links

2. It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Buy or Earn Links

Many of us do not see difference between an earned link and a purchased one.

Earned links are a great long-term investment. They become more valuable over time as the websites that gave it to you increase their DR scores and organic traffic.

As a purchased link, you cannot be sure about what will happen to the referring site in the future.

First, you have to understand that if they are selling a link to you, they are doing it on other websites too. So, it goes without saying whether or not, they’ll be punished by Google.

Furthermore, the price per link created and purchased is currently at the same level, so there is no sense in buying the link, especially in the long run.

Link Building through Blogging Gueststrategy

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3. Build links through Blogging Guest

How many guest messages can you produce per month?

One person can only do 10, 20, or 30 links.

Sooner or later, you will start thinking about outsourcing production,

How many of these guest messages will be a good quality read?

If you want quality content on your site the price of guest post the price is high.

Even if you create quality posts, it’s almost impossible to get them on google rank, which means that you will not create enough links.

Remember that all this will be associated with your name or brand, and your reputation risks are very high.

With all the energy and time spent finding the right blog, building relationships with editors, etc. all you will get is one link per post. Not too big ROI, not much return on investment right?</p><p>v=YKKh4glJrY8&

4. Is it enough to reach relevant Blogs to secure your links

If you want to generate a decent number of links, you’ll need to send thousands of emails, which can make your campaign a spamming one.

This is why we prefer to first connect with people who are related to our brand. That requires a lot of online and offline networks but leads to excellent results.

It is easy to find people willing to help build links among those who already know your work and your brand

But beginning require more work on your part.

Never forget the relevance of the content of the site for the person you are pitching. The closer the subjects are to each other, the easier it is to make the connection.

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